As of January 2011, after an amazing 2 year run, One Night Music has come to an end. We are eternally grateful to our contributors and visitors alike. We will keep the website running so you can enjoy the sessions in all their glory. Enjoy!

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Watercolor Paintings / Session #9


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Photo of Watercolor Paintings

How can One Night Music describe the joy that is the Isla Vista sensation Watercolor Paintings? We find Watercolor Paintings to be adorable, eccentric, whimsical, insanely catchy, and super duper awesome. And we were fortunate to have brother and sister duo Josh and Rebecca Redman stop by to record four songs with us on February 16, 2009. Though this was the shortest session we’ve had yet, it was one of our most fun sessions for several reasons:

First: Big audience, small room. We had about 10 Watercolor Paintings friends packed into our humble Santa Barbara recording studio.  Second: Rebecca on harp and vocals + Josh on bass ukelele and beard = musical magic.  Third: sing-a-long! If you’re wondering how the heck those kids know all the words to the third track, “Shower,” it’s because Watercolor Paintings has an impressive following in Isla Vista and elsewhere. We’re not exaggerating when we say they are one of the most popular bands in town - Myspace will corroborate this as FACT (though we are somewhat ashamed to rely on the authority of Myspace for our facts).

Originally from Thousand Oaks, CA, Rebecca, 21, and Josh, 23, currently reside in Isla Vista, where they frequently play shows, spreading happiness wherever they go. Josh is also a pretty important fellow in the Santa Barbara community, as he started a website called that centralizes the “Do It Yourself” activities of Santa Barbara which, among other things, organizes free community concerts at local music spaces such as the Biko Garage, the Pink Mailbox, and The Furnace.  Be sure to check out, which is a great complement to the DIY community that One Night Music helps perpetuate!

We hope long-time Watercolor Paintings fans will enjoy the unique perspective that One Night Music brings to these four tunes. On the other hand, if this is your first Watercolor Paintings experience, prepare to have your heart warmed. Also, prepare to be singing, “I pretend you're with me, I pretend you're where you should be,” for days.

Recorded in the One Night Music Studio, Santa Barbara, CA on February 16, 2009.

Comments & Discussion About This Session

shannon gray on 07/11/2010

thank you so much for this. smile you all have made my morning.

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