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Treesus / Session #18

Beside a fire in a barn in Placerville, CA Treesus shares his intense folk music that passionately tells of his life's experiences.


Come All Ye Down


Wolf Dreams


On A Railroad


Good God


Thee Valley Below

enlarge [+] Photo of Treesus

Treesus, aka Jacob Mingle, lives in a yurt.

He is an organic farmer, and his wife is growing a small soul in her belly. He also makes folk music. During a visit to Placerville, CA - a time spent recording his other band Los Webelos, also featured on One Night Music - I managed to experience a small breadth of the mountains, crisp air, and country that must be inspiration to Jacob's spirit cries and shriek folk that are at once ear-bending, and lullaby.

One bright night we built a fire and moved a couch to the wall-less barn, brought out a small generator, shone a light on Jacob, and recorded a One Night Music session. It was ephemeral and ghostly. Nuzzled between a hill of certified organic wine grapes, and the goat's grazing land, Treesus sang of train stations and words reminiscent of past lives and atavistic endeavors. The moon and Jacob's wolf dog friend made eyes, the breeze kissed fingertips that birthed acoustic melody and music resonated through the valley.

Lyrically, as in life, Jacob's relationship to the land on which he lives drives the unique tone of his music. He explores strange guitar progressions and a style born in the greater Sacramento music scene - an area diverse in folk and rock experiments. His words blend an image of old-west living, and a natural-spiritual communication with the earth beneath our feet.

This session, recorded on March 18 during my early 2009 statewide rambling, captures Treesus performing in his own element, a space reflective of his own wants and desires - a theme One Night Music has enjoyed incorporating into new sessions as a contrast to the environment of a recording studio.


Recorded in Placerville, CA on March 18, 2009.

Comments & Discussion About This Session

Cleo on 02/05/2010

and good god iv looOOOOOSsst my way too
but its a good thing i did
cuz i ran into treesus on this website
i havent listened to all the songs he has on here yet
But have listened to Come All Ye Down id say around 10 times so far .. and counting

Cleo on 02/05/2010

correction: i just noticed Good God is the one iv listened to around 10 times now and counting… not come all ye down. which im sure is good too

Cleo on 02/05/2010

yep it is just checked

Kristof Zoller on 07/13/2010

I saw you and TJ play at pink mailbox when I lived there a couple years ago.  Awesome stuff.  Thank you