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The Junior Varsity - John Gill & Vaughn Montgomery - Part 1 / Session #14


Toro Canyon King


The Laundry is Dirty


Dear Edna


Frutas Tropicas

enlarge [+] Photo of The Junior Varsity - John Gill & Vaughn Montgomery - Part 1

The Junior Varsity made a visit to the One Night Music Sports Arena in Santa Barbara, CA on February 20th, 2009 for a special away game.  Teammates John Gill and Vaughn Montgomery coordinated an outstanding performance to defeat the opposition in a stunning victory.  The first half featured John Gill at the helm singing original mariachi canciones and an oldies doo-wop ballad.  Vaughn Montgomery made some spectacular assists with his soulful harmonies and his wurlitzer/percussion combo. 

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And now, an ode to John, by teammate Vaughn.  Johnny Gill is a living theater – his masks are his faces and his characters his voices; his backdrops are anywhere and his script is in the air.  He's the youngest Gill brother of the Cleveland Cavaliers, the TV where there is none, the last string to be picked on, the white one by the black ones in the school of dance and song; he's the paperboy bicycling through the snow at dawn.  The son of a wild Latin teacher and a quiet Irish jazz collector, he's the u-turn student architect who started out for Maryland and wound up here in Santa Barbaraland, strumming songs on porches and plucking bass in bars, hitching rides along the coast and swimming with the sharks.  He's the sailor who sets sail alone and blows clear on down to Panama, who wakes up to his boat in two and thanks the tanker for his pajama.  He's the one who returns singin' Portuguese, who builds himself a houseboat to beat the heat.  He's the fit and shaggy handyman hanging doors for dandymen, in Trenchtown crafting cabinets and a morning song that ain’t done yet.  These days he's down in East Africa, the Motherland to learn; and the Junior Varsity's got no games 'til captain dangerous returns.  So here's to the man who’s everyman, our faraway brother John, and here's to our one night of many making music. With love from the cabin boy, Vaughn.

Recorded in The One Night Music Studio, Santa Barbara, CA on February 20, 2009.

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I’m actually a Libra!!!