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Shannon Inouye / Session #12


Acid Spine


Something to Believe In


Take it Back



enlarge [+] Photo of Shannon Inouye

Shannon Inouye joined One Night Music on February 19th 2009 in Santa Barbara, CA to perform a live set of four songs to a tiny audience. He happened to be in town visiting and we happened to be looking for another artist to record for the evening. You see, we were planning to film a double session - two artists back to back - and one of the artists cancelled. So, about an hour before the recording was set to start, Elia called to say his friend Shannon was in town. Shannon, I was told, was an awesome singer-songwriter and was excited to record. We were set.

Shannon was visiting from Burbank, CA where he grew up and where he now currently plays his music to audiences at venues around the Los Angeles area. His visit to Santa Barbara was not arbitrary - Shannon went to college at the University of California Santa Barbara and lived in the magical community of Isla Vista before moving back Burbank. It was in Isla Vista that Shannon immersed himself in the quaint music scene that the tiny coast town cultivates. He played and enjoyed shows at venues such as The Biko Garage and The Pink Mailbox.

Nowadays Shannon books gigs around Los Angeles under his musical moniker "News From Nowhere." If, in fact, his songs are news from nowhere, then hot off the press from this One Night Music session are honest and optimistic stories of a despairingly complex and mixed up world. Enjoy these transmissions from nowhere, for they will surely make nowhere seem a lot more relevant than you might think.


Recorded in the One Night Music Studio, Santa Barbara, CA on February 19, 2009.

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