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San Narciso

Santa Cruz based rock band San Narciso performs a unique and ambitious session in the Aptos Cinemas in Santa Cruz, CA.

enlarge [+] Photo of San Narciso

San Narciso doesn't fuck around. Having spent 8 months in and out of the studio to produce just over 10 minutes of music, they're damn serious about what gets stamped with their name. Intricate melodies are laced with perplexing rhythms and played with draconian might. While their performances on "Friend Prices" are meticulously executed, no two San Narciso shows are the same. The songs are constantly being improved upon and rewritten. Their music just doesn't sit still.

Sean, lead-singer-dude-extraordinaire, spends his non-rockstar hours at the Aptos Cinema near Santa Cruz, CA -- peddling cheap movie tickets and corn syrup to the kids. We were lucky enough to coax his manager into letting us set up shop after a late night screening and record this session. Not wanting to let a perfectly good projector go unused, we had to choose between screening a crazy 50's kids show or dog racing. Well, we chose both. We drank wine out of paper cups and watched a formidable performance from this up-and-coming rock band.

The group are about to release their first EP on Sunday October 24th, 2010 at the Crepe Place in Santa Cruz. The room will be much smaller... meaning the music will be much, much louder -- I guess that's just the price of being friends with these guys.

Recorded in The Aptos Cinemas, Santa Cruz, CA. on June 22, 2010.

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