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Phil Taylor of Oso / Session #13


Movement 1


Movement 2


Movement 3 (Hurdle the Bushes)


Movement 4 (Final Amends Departure on a Lonely Street)

enlarge [+] Photo of Phil Taylor of Oso

Phil Taylor is perhaps the first One Night Music artist whose performance was arguably too big for our tiny Santa Barbara recording studio.  The room seemed anxious to burst at the seams and let his energy explode out into the surrounding world.  Lucky for us, the room stayed in tact and the five of us watching were allowed to soak up all of Phil’s energy like sponges placed in a pool of “WTF! I DON’T REALLY KNOW WHAT’S HAPPENING RIGHT NOW BUT IT’S RAD!” Now it’s your turn!  

If you've walked down State Street in Santa Barbara, CA on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, you may have already seen Phil Taylor. He's the guy playing guitar and belting out songs - while riding a unicycle. Crowds sometimes gather to watch the spectacle. They are mostly stopping to watch a guy play guitar while riding a unicycle. But a few stop and really listen. It's these people who might find even more fascination than the cycle-gazers, for they will be picked up, jostled around, and thrown back down by the strikingly vivid honesty of Phil's stories.

Or you may have seen Phil performing at one of Santa Barbara's music venues - Muddy Waters, Soho, Yoga Soup, Biko Garage, Mercury Lounge - as the singer/guitarist for the "americana math folk" sounds of Oso. Maybe you couldn't get in the door because there were too many people dancing their brains out to the unpredictable rhythms of the band or singing along to the band's recognizable choruses. Oso is truly a Santa Barbara favorite. Joining Phil in Oso are Tim Buetler (percussion, accordion, vocals), Nick Coventry (violin, slide guitar, voice), and Andrew Fedders (bass, vocals). Oso has also performed around the world in such places as San Francisco, Chicago, London, Berlin, and Istanbul.


Recorded in the One Night Music Studio, Santa Barbara, CA on February 19, 2009.

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