As of January 2011, after an amazing 2 year run, One Night Music has come to an end. We are eternally grateful to our contributors and visitors alike. We will keep the website running so you can enjoy the sessions in all their glory. Enjoy!

If you need to get a hold of us, please send an email to info @ But keep in mind that we are no longer recording new sessions.

Paleo / Session #11


You Think That You’re Poor But You’re Not


Along Long Island Song


Die Young or Die Trying


Woman Like Me

enlarge [+] Photo of Paleo

I too had just arrived in the Santa Cruz mountains. The cozy dwelling in Ben Lomond; surrounded by redwoods, nuzzled up against a small stream and guarded by fruit trees, wisteria, and tomatoes. That dwelling belongs to my parents, and was the location for a special One Night Music session. The first session produced entirely away from Santa Barbara and the sweet sweet comforts of the One Night Music production studio. We are indeed clandestine media men (and women).

David Strackaney, otherwise known as Paleo had stepped into my parents home maybe two hours after I had arrived from Santa Barbara and, well, the first thing we did was cook mushroom burritos. Out the window overlooking the deck, sunlight reflected off green leaves and red bark blended earthy tones in the background- a pleasant moment for two travel savvy kids to slow the motion. Paleo moves around, and it was a special thing to catch up with him. From 2006-07 he completed the Song Diaries project, in which he wrote a song a day for the entire year. I have heard that some of them were written in the Paleo travelmobile-car late in the night, per project requirement. So, he had a couple songs from the repertoire he could leave behind in a One Night Music session on February 27, 2009, under some big trees a lot older than us.

The broken down lyricism and intimate knowings that are Paleo's songs, resonated much the same in the living room of the little mountain home, as did his words at Biko, The Crepe Place, or Biko the second time; any of the other places I have slowly been cooed by his songs. It was indeed just the two of us on this afternoon, and his songs were just as charming, his persona as endearing. I would have to say I share quite an affinity with this musical wanderlust, the man David Strackaney, the moniker Paleo, and I hope that One Night Music passes a similar sentiment to you.

Recorded in Elia's parent's house, Santa Cruz, CA on February 27, 2009.

Comments & Discussion About This Session

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