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Meghan Lehman / Session #1


A City With My Name


Let Yourself Be Loved




Heartbreak Waiting to Unfold


A Stranger Here


Zane Grey

enlarge [+] Photo of Meghan Lehman

Read our follow up story about Meghan Lehman to see where she's at a year after recording this session.

Meghan Lehman, a 28 year old singer-songwriter from Santa Barbara, California, joined One Night Music on December 6, 2008 for the inaugural session. At that point One Night Music was still a concept. We had a vague idea of a new music venue in town to display the talents of independent artists. The excitement was palpable. We felt that we were initiating a project with great potential, one that could create a new music community where local artists would be given the chance to display their talents to an eager audience.

It was in this context of uncertainty and experimentation that Meghan displayed her candor as a seasoned musician. She took a deep breath and began.  It was as if she was able to put aside the awkwardness of performing in the tiny bedroom studio. With a video camera in her face and 3 people watching she was able to transport herself to where this project would eventually go. 

It was on this note that her beautiful lyrics effortlessly floated along the melodies of her songs, bringing us an extremely personal and heart wrenching set of original music.  In those 6 songs, we saw a performance from Meghan at the beginning of her journey into a musical career. 

Meghan has just finished an album and is organizing her first tour.

Recorded in the One Night Music Studio, Santa Barbara, CA on December 05, 2008.

Comments & Discussion About This Session

John Di Cesare on 02/09/2009

Meghan, load more music onto this internet thingy.  I crave more singer/songwriter storytelling.

joseph skinner on 05/01/2009

hey meg is your cousin joe (; nice song and it would be nice to be on tv but not if I had to do crazy stuff see you some time in the next 8 to 9 months

Albern on 05/28/2010

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