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Lucky Dragons / Concert #3

Lucky Dragons explores avant garde electronic music through their use of homemade instruments and audience participation.


Lucky Dragons Live At Galeria De La Raza


Lucky Dragons Interview

enlarge [+] Photo of Lucky Dragons

There is simply no way to describe, in words, a Lucky Dragons performance. Not in the way that the feeling will infiltrate your soul. Not in the way that the sonic journey will be more than any one sense could synthesize.

Lucky Dragons is Luke Fischbeck and Sarah Rara -- they emanate abstract perfectionism.

What is Lucky Dragons?

A temporary community; digitized tribal rhythms; white magic; literally, Lucky Dragons was a Japanese fishing boat that sailed into the Castle Bravo nuclear test. After receiving radiation it was painted black, renamed Black Falcon, and discarded on a landfill called Dream Island.

The band however is much less concrete. Yet when articulated by Luke or Sara, the project comes more closely to accomplishing their verbalized goal than any other piece of art I have ever experienced. It will go down as one of the most influential art projects of the new millennium. To truly grasp the ingenuity of the project, Lucky Dragons must be experienced live, next to, within the circle of, and touching all the glory of this third-wall obliterating experience.

Needless to say, I was excited about the prospect of a One Night Music recording with the band. It was indeed a unique ONM experience, recorded at Galeria De La Raza, on 24th Street in San Francisco on May 22, 2009. My intention in the session was to compliment the blurred line between audience and performer. To that aim, the session was recorded with two cameras: a static camera, and a handheld camera that was passed around by the audience. The performance is one long movement that flows in and out of audience participation, projected images, and an amalgam of noisemakers.

No more words, I interviewed Luke and Sarah after the performance, watch it to hear answers from the source.



Recorded in Galeria De La Raza, San Francisco, CA on May 22, 2009.

Comments & Discussion About This Session

tim on 01/25/2010


crystal on 01/26/2010

a surreal trip to discovering a piece of mind, creating peace in time

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