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Los Webelos / Concert #1


Live at Cosmic Cafe - Song 1


Live at Cosmic Cafe - Song 2


Live at Cosmic Cafe - Song 3


Live at Cosmic Cafe - Song 4


Live at Cosmic Cafe - Song 5

Photo of Los Webelos

The Webes. Four fine young gentleman, marching on with strong boy scout honor. Four fine young men coexisting between the whaling drone of post-rock and active algebraic algorithms, or good old Rock n' Roll.

Los Webelos played to their homegrown crowd at their hometown play spot, The Cosmic Café, in Placerville, CA on March 14th, 2009. One Night Music spent a few days in the Northern California town recording music and playing corn-hole (I assure you, a very fun game). Placerville is an old gold-mining town off of Highway 50, on the way to Tahoe. The Cosmic Café is built around an old mine shaft and the back lingers off into infinity, blackness and cold grey stone. There is a healthy community of musicians and artists in Pville, inseparably mixed with organic farming and large vineyards. Here there are mountains; the culture reflects the sensation of touching the earth, and the feel of healthy soil between your fingers. Los Webelos is well known and well loved by a good community in the town. Love is transformed into banshee screaming, coyote hooting rhythms and dances when the band comes out to play.

The band itself pulls together an unlikely quartet of embodied musical spirits, Jacob on guitar is not the technical skill of Eric, but his patience and creativity span his sonic space of Los Webelos to his solo folk project, Treesus. Paco is a bassist of our time and his tapping capabilities are reminiscent of Emmett Chapman. Justin is the crazy rat drummer, whose energy levels compare to such high-paced acts as Lightening Bolt. Eric, the guitar hero - tall and well-dressed in a bohemian sort of fashion - lends finger-picking and melody development of a virtuoso. Their powers combined raise ancient spirits, and the infectious ritual of community and communication through spastic dance spreads viral through their audience.  Such was the case, on this evening, and so will it continue to be as this dynamic team produces more music. They were recently signed to the label Dream Sheep Records and I for one look forward to the global takeover that may ensue.


Recorded in the Cosmic Cafe, Placerville, CA on March 14, 2009.

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