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Forest Sun with Ingrid Serban / Session #23

Forest Sun joined us with the lovely Ingrid Serban to perform some folk tunes in San Francisco.


Love Seat


Be Kind to You


Walk Through Walls


Red Umbrella


Glass of Water


No Regrets


Harlequin Goodnight


Twenty Toes In The Sand

enlarge [+] Photo of Forest Sun with Ingrid Serban

Forest Sun performed for One Night Music with his lovely wife Ingrid Serban on a beautiful fall afternoon in the Castro District of San Francisco. The vibe of the session was simple and easy going, a feeling carried throughout Forests Sun's music and personality and reinforced by the lazy Sunday afternoon setting. As he smiled and laughed with Ingrid, Forest Sun jumped right into the first song of the session called “Loveseat,” a tune packed with promiscuous innuendos about furniture. “Loveseat” was recorded with the Animal Liberation Orchestra (ALO) as the opener to his most recent album So Nice.

Forest Sun's music ranges from breezy, upbeat songs about his travels, to spiritual tunes that give personal and deep insight into his life, to jazzy tunes that tackle topics of love and relationships. After starting the session humorously with “Loveseat,” Forest quickly hit us with the deeper side of his music in a song called “Be Kind to You,” during which he invites the listener to come along on an adventure through a lonely country. This song demonstrates why Forest is an accomplished musician, displaying his ability to combine intelligent, thoughtful lyrics, with simple, comforting folk music through a depth of songwriting that becomes increasingly fruitful with each listen.

Forest Sun rounded off the session with Harlequin Goodnight, a gorgeous song that he wrote for his mom and dedicated to her before he began. Then the One Night Music crew wrapped up and headed out for slices of pizza with Forest and Ingrid. We got a chance to learn more about the duo behind the music and found that when Forest isn’t busy writing and performing music he’s running his “The Good Life Adventures” company which takes small groups of participants around the world on awesome outdoor adventures. It’s a fitting business for Forest to run and one that will certainly inspire more great songs for his already-extensive collection.

Forest Sun has been part of the San Francisco independent music scene for the last 10 years, performing at local spots like the Independent and the Great American Music Hall. He’s released seven solo records on his own label called Painted Sun Records, as well as two benefit compilation albums called Songs for Laura (Vol. 1 & 2), inspired by his mother’s personal struggle with cancer in 2006, with proceeds going to benefit people living with cancer. The Songs for Laura CDs are both fantastic collections featuring Sean Hayes, Brett Dennen, Anais Mitchell, and other contributors from the San Francisco independent music scene.

Editor's note: The eighth video "Twenty Toes In The Sand" was added after this session was launched. "Harlequin Goodnight" is the correct closing song as mentioned above in the set description.

Recorded in San Francisco, CA. on October 25, 2009.

Comments & Discussion About This Session

emily on 11/27/2009

sunny morning here in José Ignacio, Uruguay. My 17 month son Dylan is having some cereal and shaking his Mr. Messy spoon to your sweet tunes. Forest watch out I think Ingrid has captured his little heart. In a week we leave for San Francisco, our first visit since my university days way back in the day so we´re going to try find you and hopefully hear some of these great tunes live. Thanks to you both for bringing so much beauty into our morning.

Chandler on 12/31/2009

Some of the mp3 downloads like no regrets it downloads glass of water instead

Ian Andersen on 01/02/2010

@Chandler - Thanks for the heads up on the broken links. The MP3 downloads have been fixed and I also added the zip file for easier download of the entire session.

Chandler on 01/05/2010

thank you

Cleo on 02/05/2010

i recently found some of forest sun’s music on a friends computer and once i began listening to it was very excited to have found it because its absolutely beautiful. It touches deep down into your self where deep sadness and happiness meet… which is amazing. and rather grounding for me id say. i also love how i can see how much he is feeling his music as he sings.. its like hes seated deep in the core of all his emotions and rides em out in which ever way his song takes it

yay for forest sun! and ingrid!

Bill Wilkson on 03/17/2010

My daughter would like me to sing your song “Twenty Toes in the Sand” for her wedding.  I am interested in getting vocal sheet music and guitar sheet music.
Bill Wilkson