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Erik Schau / Session #5


As Long As I Can


Blue Moon


Better Man



enlarge [+] Photo of Erik Schau

Erik Schau joined One Night Music on February 6th 2009 to perform six original tunes.  

We first heard Erik’s music at one of the Santa Barbara Roasting Company’s weekly open mics held at their coffee shop.  This wonderful weekly venue pulls together unique songwriters, poets, and performers from throughout Santa Barbara and Isla Vista for three hours of art, coffee, and community.   Upon hearing his songs in the intimate setting of the open mic, we were inclined to invite Erik to record a session at the One Night Music studio.

Erik is currently a student at the University of California Santa Barbara and will graduate in June.  His musical interests take root in his days as a kid when he would steal his dad’s old Zeppelin and Who records to play them on repeat.  Before buying his first guitar at the end of high school, Erik studied piano and bass.

Erik’s music spans a spectrum from gut-wrenching beauty to laugh-out-loud absurdity.  These extremes are most noticeable when he opens with a longing love ballad called As Long as I Can and closes with a psychotic tale of sexual deviance in Forbidden Love.   His voice similarly spans a vast spectrum from his baritone drones to his incredible falsettos.  

What you’ll find here is a set of very raw, gritty songs, that given a very simple guitar accompaniment, leave Erik exposed and vulnerable in a beautiful way that only One Night Music can bring.  Enjoy!

Recorded in the One Night Music Studio, Santa Barbara, CA on February 06, 2009.

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