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Buckeye Knoll

Doug Streblow of Buckeye Knoll performs some authentic California-grown folk tunes for One Night Music.




I Roll


Slow and Steady


Turning Over


People and Place

enlarge [+] Photo of Buckeye Knoll

Over the past seven years I've had the pleasure of playing several roles in Doug Streblow's life. Whether it be roommate, bandmate, record producer, or all around confidant, you'll have to trust me when I say that he is one of the most genuine people you'll ever meet.

This is apparent in the music he releases as Buckeye Knoll, a moniker stemming from a gorgeous lookout placed high above the Napa Valley in Northern California where a lone buckeye tree stands tall. Three years ago Doug stood on Buckeye Knoll wielding nothing but a naturalist guide and an acoustic guitar. There certainly was no shortage of inspiration at this altitude.

At 22, he found himself earning his masters degree environmental education on a converted school bus traveling the country. There, he crafted an album's worth of songs about love, loss, and the beauty all around him. The album, People and Place, was eventually recorded in three different places with over fifteen different musicians and took over two years to create. Blending pop melodies with country rhythms, the record truly is genre bending.

Buckeye Knoll's One Night Music session took place on a cold February night at the amazing Gadgetbox recording studio in Santa Cruz, CA. The studio lounge, with ceilings over 30 feet tall, was an inspirational venue for the shoot. With guest musicians Taylor Brown, Lauren Shera, and Emily Moldy, Doug recreated some highlights off his new record 'People and Place' for an excited audience. Enjoy!

Special thanks to Tim Slinker for his contribution of still photography, and Miles Elder for his work as an audio assistant for this session.

Recorded in Gadgetbox Studios, Santa Cruz, CA. on February 11, 2010.

Comments & Discussion About This Session

Gabe on 05/10/2010

Wow guys, this session turned out beautifully. Well played Dougie (and co).