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Bird By Snow / Session #31

Bird By Snow (a.k.a. Fletcher Tucker) from San Francisco, CA brings his ambient electric guitar and looping to One Night Music.


Without Reaching


Lovers On Our Backs


Wobbly Legs

enlarge [+] Photo of Bird By Snow

Bird By Snow is all the land, air, dirty dirt, guitar and looping that could stream from one person. A musical spirit motivated as much by the West Coast Lo-Fi music scene, as by mulch-laden paths amidst ancient Redwoods. Fletcher resides in San Francisco, where he has cultivated much of his music, but tours frequently carry him off. Gnome Life Records, his own creation, and the label of Bird By Snow, is a lovely crafty entity that makes beautiful records with lots of love.

The music of Bird By Snow does in fact resemble the frothy patience of the coastal fog, the crisp air of early morning. Fletcher's songs build themselves: like layers of pinesap, they carve their own path and the naturalness is the most beautiful focus.

On May 4, 2009, One Night Music made a fort with Bird By Snow and recorded a session inside it, at Biko Garge in Santa Barbara. We turned out the lights, and Fletcher sang with headlamp to find his way. This session truly approaches the end of a long set of Santa Barbara-based sessions. Santa Barbara was the birthplace of One Night Music, but it now makes its nest in San Francisco. Even though I was not living in SB at this point, it still served as a creative community to use, love, and present. How appropriate that one of the last sessions there, would feature a musician from the place I currently call home. Since recording this session, during my own exodus, I have run into Fletcher on a few occasions, most frequently near Dolores Park, in the San Francisco Mission district. Truly, the fellow is quite wonderful, one of the kindest people I've encountered in some time. And the added artwork surrounding his records is a golden secret.



Recorded in Biko Garage, Santa Barbara, CA on May 04, 2009.

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