As of January 2011, after an amazing 2 year run, One Night Music has come to an end. We are eternally grateful to our contributors and visitors alike. We will keep the website running so you can enjoy the sessions in all their glory. Enjoy!

If you need to get a hold of us, please send an email to info @ But keep in mind that we are no longer recording new sessions.

Discover new independent music artists through our intimate live sessions.

Here’s a clip from our most recent session.

What One Night Music Does

One Night Music finds talented independent artists and films them candidly performing a selection of their music in an intimate setting. These special performances are shared with you through our sessions, which contain video and audio recordings, an illustrated portrait, a written description, photographs, and information about each artist. We use our blog to share additional recordings of performances that we capture as well other commentary on music.

Why One Night Music Was Created

One Night Music was started in November 2008 by a group of friends in Santa Barbara, CA who envisioned a new way to share live musical performances with a broad audience through visual media on the internet. We have since built an online music community that connects music enthusiasts with quality emerging independent music, while also nourishing the artists we record by showcasing their music, and exposing the talents of the Contributors who create all the artwork and media. We strongly believe that our community will stay honest and maintain integrity by never charging our artists to record or our visitors to enjoy.

  • Photo of Ian Andersen
  • Photo of Ryan Andersen
  • Photo of Elia Vargas
  • Photo of Laura Birshan
  • Photo of Molly Hahn
  • Photo of Megan Sullivan
  • Photo of Karen Nedivi
  • Photo of Candice Davantzis
  • Photo of Hannah Jewett
  • Photo of Alex Vacar
  • Photo of Stephanie Gonot
  • Photo of Myles O’Donnell-Lawson
  • Photo of Scott Boone
  • Photo of Amelia Altavena
  • Photo of Jenny David
  • Photo of Jennifer Kindell
  • Photo of Michael Albright
  • Photo of Cian Riordan
  • Photo of Ashley Rodholm
  • Photo of Jimmy Lillard
  • Photo of Jake Wiens
  • Photo of Molly Segal
  • Photo of Jono Schaferkotter
  • Photo of Gabe Pannell
  • Photo of Marin Brennan
  • Photo of Tyler McPherron
  • Photo of Sean Riordan
  • Photo of Becky Fox and The Epicenter SF
  • Photo of Lauren Byrne
  • Photo of Quincy Kowolik

Who Makes One Night Music Happen

All the art and media at One Night Music is created by a collective of volunteer Contributors from across the United States who film, record, edit, draw, write, and snap pictures for each session. Meet the Contributors»

Where One Night Music Records

San Francisco is the home of One Night Music — this is where we organize our community and this is where we primarily record artists. We also record in Chico, CA, Mountain View, CA, and Santa Cruz, CA. Local artists and traveling artists alike are encouraged to reach out to us about recording a session.

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